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How to play

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●How to play
◆About what you can do
Tap the screen to run the dunk man.
The dunk man jumps off before reaching the edge of the cliff.
Then touch the screen, and slide your finger

on it!
Along your finger slide, a trampoline line is created.
Based on the inclination angle of the line, the dunk man jumps,
so consider the inclination angle for the dunk man to be able to shoot
when you draw the trampoline line.

 ◆About the score
Depending on the shooting location, jumping height, shooting fashion,
and whether or not clashing the board,
an awarded point varies.
Of all the above elements, the shooting fashion is the most important.
If you can make a beautiful dunk shot (with a line effect),
points as a combo will be added to your score.
If you do not make a beautiful dunk shot (with a line effect),
the point as a combo will be 0.
The key to get a higher score is to make a beautiful dunk shot (with a
line effect) consecutively.

 ◆About "Game Over"
If you miss even one shot, the game will be over.
The page will move to the total score one.
Click the "NEXT" button to go to the ranking page.
(The score will not be saved unless you go to the ranking page.)

●General information
◆Menu button
Stop the game, and open the game menu page.
◆Back button
Show the menu that asks whether or not you wish to end the game.
*While typing in your name, the back button can be used as a cancel



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